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Photos of crane wheels and crane equipment

Please find below following photos of our finished products: crane wheels, gear rims, brake wheels, pulleys and other parts for lifting equipment. All products meet GOST standards, have our factory stamp and quality certificates.

Price, production and delivery time you can learn from our managers. Main technical specifications and description of the complete range goods of our company are available in web sections Catalogue and Top Products.

Crane wheels К2R
 photo 172 Double-flange crane wheel (К2R-400х100)
 photo 173 Grab crane running wheels with bronze hubs
Crane wheels К2R assembly
 photo 174 Running wheel assembly with a drive gear
 photo 175 Wheel kit with double- flange crane wheel K2R-500х100
 photo 176 Wheel slave unit
 photo 177 Wheel drive unit
Gantry crane KKS-10 running wheels and gears
 photo 178 Running drive wheel for KKS-10 crane - drawing (catalogue) number К12. Part number of the running idle (driven) wheel is No. К12.
 photo 179 Gear rim for KKS-10 crane – Drawing (catalogue) number
 photo 180 Running drive wheel for KKS-10 crane - drawing (catalogue) number К12. assembly
 photo 181 Running drive wheel for ККS-10 crane - drawing (catalogue) number К12. assembled with a mating gear. Mating gear part number - KS 07.08.004
Running wheels (rollers) of crane end trucks
 photo 182 End truck running wheel К2R 200х75 (driven)
 photo 183 End truck running wheel К2R 200х75 (drive)
 photo 184 Wheels with round boxes
 photo 185 End truck drive wheel
Rollers for load and transfer rail trolleys
 photo 186 Wheel with a gear rim
 photo 187 Roller 400х100 for a transfer rail trolley
 photo 188 Roller К1R for a load crane trolley
 photo 189 Roller К2R for a load crane trolley
Rollers (wheels) for kiln and mine cars
 photo 190 Crane running wheel with a spline joint + spline shaft
 photo 191 Roller К1R for a kiln car
 photo 192 Wheel К1R for a car with an installed fan
 photo 193 Roller 320х100 for a transfer rail car
Pulleys (block and tackle)
 photo 194 Bypass block D=400 mm
 photo 195 Bypass block D=500 mm
Crane brake wheels (crane brake drums)
 photo 196 Brake wheel D=500 mm
 photo 197 Brake wheel (drum) D=300 mm
Gear rims and gear wheels
 photo 198 Gear rim, module 10, teeth number 53
 photo 199 Wheel with a drive gear
Tower crane running and gear wheels
 photo 200 Tower crane running wheels К2R 500х90. Drawing No. Y2260.30.01.002
 photo 201 Gear wheel. Drawing No. Y2260.30.01.001
Crane boxes
 photo 202 Dumb box (lid) for a transfer rail trolley
 photo 203 Box in its standard version
No flange crane wheels
 photo 204 No flange wheel assembly
 photo 205 No flange crane wheel assembly with a shaft
Packing patterns of LLC "El-Kran"
 photo 206 A sample of the product packaging
 photo 207 A sample of the product packaging
Guide blocks
 photo 208 Guide block for grapple
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